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Insea and the salary survey


Are you paying too much or too little to your information technology staff? For an employer, it is important to know what other companies are paying in total compensation for a similar position in your area. Learn how your company compares in the area of compensation.

The Insea Salary Survey has become the industry standard for negotiating IT remuneration levels using methodology refined and tested over 19 years of publication. This highly regarded survey enables employers to set IT staff remuneration and benefits packages that :

  1. identify salaries and other compensation exactly to a job function, a level of responsibility and an industrial sector;
  2. help create a just and attractive remuneration structure.

The Insea salary survey presents organizations with the information they need to ensure their salary structures are competitive with other employers in their industry and may develop sound remuneration policies and practices while making allowances for special skills critical to the employer.

How Insea collects the data?

The survey is carried out by asking Human Resources Managers in each surveyed company to provide information on their computing staff by specifying their job classification, education degree, age and salary. Such method guarantees accuracy and confidentiality. As a consequence, the results published by Insea are very accurate in view of both size of the sample and neutrality with which the survey is achieved.

Insea has had a long-standing commitment to respecting the privacy of the information entrusted to it by the respondents. All of the information we collect about individuals for the purpose of providing our survey is de-identified and is, therefore, not personal information.

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