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The Insea's classification : functions and levels


The Insea's classification takes into account the specificity of the Belgian I.T. Industry and the lessons gained from the past Insea Salary's Surveys as well as the classification of the British Computer Society (BSC). Therefore, a comparison between two surveys is made possible and gives interesting information about the evolution of each function.

The classification provides a method of sorting jobs into groups based on similarities of purpose, duties performed, skills required, work of environment and other common factors.

A Function is a particular area of IT professional activity, such as Database Design, Project Management, Systems Programming or User Support.

A Level represents a consistent measure of the degree of autonomy, responsibility and accountability inherent in any function and therefore the degree of professional ability and maturity required of a practitioner in order to perform the function successfully. Insea recognises nine levels of responsibility.

The levels are derived from the analysis of several factors like knowledge and skills, analytical complexity, autonomy and accountability, impact and scope of the job,.

Job families

The Insea classification has been defined to provide a better breakdown between the jobs families while retaining a level of simplicity required easing the work of the participants.

Insea has identified four job families:

  1. management of the IT function and consultancy,
  2. systems development and maintenance,
  3. system delivery support,
  4. customers' relations.

A full description of the job families may be viewed by downloading the Insea questionnaire.

The Insea Survey analyses 78 different profiles.

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