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B-1930 Zaventem,Belgium
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Insea and the salary survey


Insea edits each year a CD-Rom that allows an in-depth analysis of salary by classification, a detailed overview of the sample by function, the comparison of individual salaries with other companies.

Analysis by Classification

Analysis by function

The first dimension of the analysis is the employee's function. The sample has been analysed by functions as fifteen classes have been examined:

    Manager of Information resources
    Project Management (DM)
    Quality Management (DQ)
    IT Consultancy (DC)
    Systems Development Design (DD)
    Systems Development Programming (DP)
    SAP System Development (DS)
    Internet System Development (DE)
    Operation (SO)
    User Services (SU)
    Network Support, Intranet/Extranet (SN)
    Systems & DB Management (SD)
    Pre-Sales (VA)
    Marketing (VM)
    Sales (V)

A choice of one of those functions is made by selecting it in the classification box and the analysis will be done only with the data matching the chosen function. Into those ten classes of function, different levels may be analysed ranging from 0 (trainee) to 8 (CIO).

Salary Query

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