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Breaking News: The 2011 Insea Salary

Survey Cd-Rom and report are available now!


The 2011 Insea Salary Survey, the leading Belgian survey on the remuneration of I.T. staff, provides you with the information you need.

You will be able to compare your classification of functions, salaries and benefits with other companies.

You will be able to develop sound remuneration policies and practices, based on the latest brand-new market information.

As a result, you will save a lot of money by taking the right decisions now, and ensure your company’s future policy.

Our survey analyzes four job families (management of the IT function and consultancy, systems development and maintenance, system delivery support, customers' relations) and 78 functions, including this year new functions related to the SAP and e-business environment.

The report analyses the evolution of salaries as from 2001 on and highlights the remuneration policy of the surveyed companies:

  • by matching salaries and benefits with specific functions, levels and industries
  • by creating a just and attractive remuneration structure.

The 2011 Insea Cd-Rom provides very detailed information (monthly salary, bonus, commission, fringe benefits, monthly allowances, car, etc…) on each function and provides additional selection keys such as size, activity and location of the company, degree, age and gender of the IT professional.

The 2011 Cd-Rom and report are available at the price of 1.500 € VAT excluded

Download : the table of contents of the 2011 report
Download : the Dutch order form : Bestelformulier 2011.doc
Download : the French order form : Bon de commande 2011.doc



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